‘Boomerang’ Employees Offer New Hiring Pipeline

Some people are learning the hard way that the grass isn’t always greener somewhere else.

While the term that I’m going to discuss in this article is not necessarily new, it is one that is happening more and more, which means it’s likely happening to companies in the accounts receivable management industry, too. The number of employees who quit or resign from a company, but then seek to get rehired by that same company is increasing. Known as boomerang employees — get it? 😁 — these people might be options for companies that are having trouble filling vacancies for open positions.

Nearly 20% of employees who quit their jobs during the pandemic have boomeranged back, according to one published report. And LinkedIn is reporting that 4.5% of all new hires from its platform were boomerangs, up from 3.9% two years ago. Finally, among those who have quit their jobs, 41% said they would consider coming back if it was an option.

There are a lot of benefits to rehiring employees who have left. Training costs are lower, it shows that your office is a desirable place to work, and those coming back are likely to be more loyal this time than they were before leaving.

This means it’s important for companies to make sure they part on good terms with employees, so they know that there is an opportunity to come back in the future. Employees who have a positive exit experience are three times more likely to recommend that employer to someone else, according to the results of one poll. Treat resignations not as good-byes, but as “see you later.” Staying in touch with former employees and building a community for them can also help entice them back to your office.

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