Talk-Off Participants Share Perspective About Hybrid Work Trend

If the COVID-19 pandemic showed us all that working from home is not just something for day traders and writers, then the end of the pandemic is teaching us another lesson as well — a lesson about the importance of job flexibility and transparency, the panelists on this week’s Talk-Off discussed.

Discussing the results of a recent study highlighting the trend of more employees wanting a hybrid work schedule so they can work both from home and in the office, the panelists — Katie Borchers from Beyond Green Solutions, Jack Gordon from WebRecon, and Katherine O’Brien from United Holding Group — shared their experiences and the lessons they have learned during the pandemic to help them be as productive as possible, regardless of where they are working.

“It’s all about open communication and honesty,” Borchers said during the episode. “But, you know, I think that we’re in a day and age where we have more flexibility as an option because of technology and that acceleration that Jack talked about. It’s just how we decide to use that flexibility as an option for our staff.”

Having that flexibility to work from home or work remotely ensures that regardless of what life throws at us, there’s an opportunity to get done what needs to get done.

“It’s not about the hybrid,” O’Brien said. “It’s about having flexibility to still have their life and know that if there’s an issue that comes up they can adjust to it and they’re not locked into this. … Like having to stay home because my daughter is sick, and I can’t work even though I’m totally capable of working. I feel fine. I have to be there for her but now, you know with hybrid working, I don’t lose that day and I still get to make sure she survives.”

The panel also talked about the differences between communicating via text messaging and on the phone, the company they would buy first if money was no object, the pros and cons of working for small or large companies, and why website usage is becoming more popular than using apps.

“Why do I have to install an app to do something I can easily do on a browser once?” Gordon asked. “I don’t like it. I you know, if it’s something that that actually improves my life, sure, but I don’t like being asked to install an app.”

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