FCC Proposes Rule To Curb More Robocall Activity

The Federal Communications Commission has unveiled new rules — that it will vote on next month — aimed at requiring all gateway providers comply with anti-spoofing and robocall rules or face having all traffic blocked by other networks.

The Commission will vote on the proposed rule at its next meeting, currently scheduled for May 19.

Aimed at curbing the number of international robocalls allowed to make it to the phones of individuals living in the United States, the proposed rule requires all gateway providers to participate in efforts to block robocalls, while also “taking responsibility” for illegal robocall campaigns on their networks, according to the FCC’s announcement.

“International robocallers use these gateways to enter our phone networks and defraud American consumers,” said FCC Chair Jessica Rosenworcel, in a statement. “But no more. We won’t allow them to bypass our laws and hide from enforcement.”

Gateway providers found to be in non-compliance with the proposed rule would result in their removal from the Robocall Mitigation Database and make them subject to mandatory blocking by other network participants, “essentially ending its ability to operate,” the FCC said.

The proposed rule is intended to be another prong in the FCC’s fight against illegal robocall traffic, buffering other efforts, such as the STIR/SHAKEN technology protocols.

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