Survey Reveals Employees Want Hybrid Work Schedules

We talked about this yesterday on The Talk-Off and it’s especially timely as companies across the country, including those in the accounts receivable management industry, seek to figure out whether employees need to be in the office 100% of the time, if there isn’t a need for an office at all, or if the answer lies somewhere in between the two extremes — 85% of employees in the United States want hybrid working to continue into the future, compared with 24% who want to work remote 100% of the time and 44% who want to go back to the office full-time.

The data was part of a survey conducted and released by Condeco software.

Within the financial services industry, 43% said they are currently working hybrid, but 58% said they would like to be able to work both at home and in the office.

Companies that allow employees to work from home, either part of all of the time, care about their employees’ emotional and mental well-being, according to 70% of the survey’s respondents.

Interestingly enough, the higher up the corporate ladder you get, the less likely people were to want to work from home. Only 5% of C-Suite executives wanted a fully remote schedule, compared with 25% of entry level employees. The ideal amount of time to be working away from home is between three and four days a week, according to the study. Twenty-nine percent of respondents chose working in the office three days a week and 26% chose four days, according to the survey.

The most important benefit to a hybrid work schedule is time and an improved work-life balance, such as spending less time commuting.

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