Processor With Ties to Collection Agencies Drops Challenge to Seized $400k

A company accused of allegedly laundering money for debt collection firms has relinquished its claim to nearly $400,000 that was seized by government prosecutors who are seeking to crack down on fraud and illegal debt collection activities by companies in Western New York, according to a published report.

The company, Market Street Debt Partners, admitted no wrongdoing when it signed documents waiving its right to a trial to try and get the money back, but the owner of the company did admit that federal agents “had probable cause to institute this action regarding any alleged criminal activities by a third party,” according to the report.

Market Street was allegedly hired to process payments for debt collection companies owned by Mark Miller, who is still being investigated for allegedly engaging in wire fraud and money laundering, according to the report. Prosecutors previously seized $90,000 from Miller’s residence and are accusing him of operating collection agencies that threatened individuals with criminal charges and jail time if they did not immediately pay off the debts in question. Collectors also allegedly threatened to file lawsuits seeking to reclaim more than what was owed and garnish disability wages, according to a published report.

A lawyer representing Market Street and its owners said that a lawsuit against Miller was likely to be filed.

“My client has made no admission of any wrongdoing. If there was any kind of fraud involved, it had nothing to do with Market Street,” Herbert L. Greenman, the attorney for Market Street, said in the report. “The company processed payments for Mr. Miller in good faith. I think you can safely say the company intends to sue Mr. Miller.”

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