CFPB Announces Leadership Changes on Chopra’s First Day on the Job

On his first full day on the job at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, former Acting Director Mick Mulvaney brought donuts with him, ostensibly for the protestors he expected to be there to oppose his appointment. Encountering none, Mulvaney ended up giving the donuts his new employees. There aren’t any reports of protestors or donuts on Rohit Chopra’s first day on the job as the new Director of the CFPB yesterday, but he did not waste any time starting to put his stamp on the agency. The CFPB yesterday announced a series of leadership changes, promoting two long-serving executives and bringing back two others.

The CFPB announced yesterday that Zixta Martinez will serve as the CFPB’s Deputy Director, that Karen Andre will serve as Associate Director for Consumer Education and External Affairs, that Jan Singlemann will serve as Chief of Staff, and Erie Meyer will serve as Chief Technologist.

Three of the four have previously worked or were already at the Bureau, and for Singlemann and Meyer, the appointments are a second go-round at the CFPB. Singlemann, who had previously worked as a Senior Litigation Counsel in the CFPB’s Office of Enforcement, left the agency to serve as Counsel for the Senate Banking Committee under Sen. Sherrod Brown [D-Ohio]. Meyer, who helped launch the CFPB and worked in the Office of Technology and Innovation, was most recently a Senior Advisor to Lina Khan, the Chair of the Federal Trade Commission, and the FTC’s Chief Technologist. Meyer has also worked at the White House.

Martinez has worked at the CFPB since 2011 and has served as the Senior Advisor for Supervision, Enforcement and Fair Lending, Associate Director for External Affairs, and Assistant Director for the Office of Community Affairs.

Prior to joining the CFPB, Andre was Special Assistant to the President for Economic Agency Personnel within the Executive Office of the President.

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