Report from Day One of ACA International’s Convention

LAS VEGAS — Some notes and tidbits from Day One of ACA International’s Annual Convention, which kicked off today.

Former NFL Coach Shares Leadership Principles

Dick Vermeil, who is the only NFL coach in history to coach three different teams and never get fired, shared his principles of leadership during the event’s opening session. Imbuing his principles with stories from his days coaching the Philadelphia Eagles, St. Louis Rams, and Kansas City Chiefs, Vermeil took all of the 60 minutes he was allotted for his speech, and 30 minutes more. The principles he shared included:

  • Make sure your people know you care
  • Be a good example
  • Create a atmosphere where people want to come to work
  • Define your gameplan
  • Don’t be afraid to work hard

“The only limitation you are born with is how tall you are going to end up being,” Vermeil said during his speech, which summarized the coaching philosophies and principles he learned during his decades coaching football at the high school, college, and professional level.

Vermeil emphasized to the packed audience the importance of leading by example, connecting with your friends, family, and co-workers on an emotional level, and the importance of using recognition, appreciation, and praise to reward individuals for their hard work.

“I learned this philosophy the hard way,” Vermeil said. “Success is not complicated. People complicate it.”

ACA Announces New Leadership, Additions to Board of Directors

Courtney Reynaud of Creditors Bureau USA was voted the President-Elect of ACA International and will succeed Kevin Baich when his term as president ends in July 2022. Reynaud was elected to the Board of Directors for ACA International in 2019. She is a third-generation agency owner who has spent nearly two decades working in the industry. The association also announced that David Williams, the president of Williams and Fudge was elected Treasurer. Williams has been a board member of ACA International since 2018.

Three new board members were elected yesterday as well — Jacob Corlyon of Capital Collection Management, Ronna Denny of CollectionCenter, and Jennifer Whipple of Collection Bureau Services. They are replacing Dan Desatnick, Tina Hanson, and Rick Perr on the board.

Happy Faces and Plenty of Hugs and Handshakes

The overall vibe at the conference has been very upbeat and positive so far. Times in the industry have been relatively good, and people who are being given the opportunity to see each other at convention for the first time in two years are takin full advantage of that opportunity. While the spectre of Regulation F and Hunstein still cast clouds over the industry’s future, the resilience and ability to adapt — through COVID-19 and Hunstein — have helped fuel the strong feelings that many have for the future of the industry.

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