New Series Tackles Real-World Credit Reporting Scenarios

Of all the different parts that make up collecting debt and running a successful collection operation, perhaps the most risky and complicated component is credit reporting. Collection agencies that opt to furnish information to credit reporting agencies face significantly more risks than those that do not furnish information, but the payoff is the expectation that furnishing will open more doors to potential clients and will result in more dollars being collected.

To help collection operations that are furnishers, and to help collection operations that are considering doing so, has launched a new video series, “Ask the Credit Reporting Expert.” In each episode of this series, actual questions submitted by collection agency executives will be asked of, and answered by, credit reporting experts. is thrilled that Dennis Barton, owner of The Barton Law Group — the collection law firm in the states of Missouri and Illinois — is the first expert to tackle the credit reporting questions keeping ARM industry professionals awake at night. In this episode, Barton answers questions about handling repeated indirect disputes that are filed by consumers, what to do when a client asks you to delete tradelines from a consumer’s credit report, and whether a tradeline can be deleted rather than taking the time to investigate a dispute that is filed. Check out Barton’s answers to these important questions here: has lined up more experts who will be taking actual questions from ARM professionals. If you have a credit reporting question that you would like to see answered, please click here to submit it.

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