Uejio Says CFPB is Coming for Those ‘Who Have Been Lax’ in Responding to Consumer Complaints

Dave Uejio, the Acting Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has published another blog post, this time sharing the directions he has given to the agency’s Consumer Education and External Affairs unit, including calling out companies who “have been lax” in responding to consumer complaints in a timely fashion, and “aggressively rebuild[ing] and repair[ing] out relationships” with consumer advocacy groups.

The blog post is similar to ones that he has published following meetings with the CFPB’s Office of Supervision, Enforcement, and Fair Lending, and its Office of Research, Markets, and Reports.

Uejio’s latest blog post is a continuation of the type of comments he has made since being named Acting Director of the CFPB following the resignation of former Director Kathleen Kraninger last month. Uejio was named Acting Director until Rohit Chopra’s nomination is confirmed by the Senate.

The first priority that Uejio cited in his comments was ensuring that “consumers who submit complaints to us get the response and the relief they deserve,” he wrote. “Consumer complaints are our lifeblood; our direct connection to consumers in distress, and they are at an all-time high right now. I understand that some companies have been lax in meeting their obligation to respond to complaints. It is the Bureau’s expectation that companies provide substantive responses that address the issues consumers describe in their complaints.”

To that end, Uejio said he has charged the unit with preparing a report that highlights the companies “with a poor track record” on these issued and that the analysis will be published. Companies mentioned in the report can also expect to hear from Uejio, he said.

Re-engaging with consumer groups will allow the CFPB to “execute” on its “bold ideas,” Uejio wrote, adding “The Bureau must transition from treating consumer input as mere anecdotes or stories to a world in which the experience of our neighbors, our families, and our communities serve as crucial data that drives our policymaking.”

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