California Regulator Seeking Collectors To Join Advisory Committee

As many of you know, there is a lot going on in California right now. The state is getting ready to release a new licensing application, one that companies will need to understanding and complete before the state’s new licensing law goes into effect next January. The state is also building its own version of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which will likely impact how debt collection is regulated and the state’s laws and rules are enforced. But as all this new regulation is being developed, the state announced yesterday that it is seeking applications for its new Debt Collection Advisory Committee, which seems to offer the industry a chance to influence some of the many decisions that are likely to be made in the coming months.

The Debt Collection Advisory Committee will include seven members, one of which represents consumers. While there is no compensation for those who participate, there is the reward of advising the Commissioner of the state’s Department of Financial Protection “on matters relating to debt collection or the debt collection business, including proposed fee schedules and the mechanics and feasibility of implementing requirements proposed in regulations.”

Among the requirements to be considered for the Committee are:

  • Location within California; geographic representation preferred.
  • Small and large agencies.
  • Owner, corporate officer or senior-level employees of debt collector licensees or applicants.
  • Representation of different industry segments required to be licensed, including:
    • Third-party collection agencies
    • Debt buying companies (preference for Receivables Management Certification Program)
    • Collection law firms
  • Leadership in the industry through participation in state and national trade associations.
  • Direct experience working with clients, consumers, auditors and licensing.
  • Experience with types of debt collection, including financial, educational, medical, retail, municipal, others.
  • Diversity of backgrounds and experiences.

Applications are to be emailed to Robyn Coburn ( by February 19. In that email, interested applicants should include:

  • Contact information, including name, title, address, phone and email.
  • Background and areas/years of expertise.
  • Experience with state or national trade associations or policy discussions regarding debt collection issues.
  • Any certifications, or membership in state or national trade associations, held by the applicant or the applicant’s business.

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