The Best $197 You Will Spend This Year

Since the pandemic started last March, one of the most frequent discussion topics that has come up is how can agencies stay connected with their collectors, many or most of whom are working from home. We miss the camaraderie, the shared experiences, and the opportunity to come together to try and achieve a common goal.

Collector.Live!, an event that I am incredibly proud to be a partner in, is the perfect solution for companies in the credit and collection industry. Taking place tomorrow, via livestream from 11:30am ET to 6:30pm ET, Collector.Live! is bringing together two dozen subject-matter experts who will share their strategies, best practices, and tips to help motivate and educate frontline collection agents.

The event only costs $197 to register, which allows you to stream the event to one location. So if you have collectors working in an office together, you can put the event on in a conference room or break area and have them watch. If your collectors are working from home, you can purchase additional licenses for them to watch for as little as $2.50 each. Registering for the event also allows you to access the recordings from each session so you can share them with employees who are not able to watch live and to use them as refresher training when the event is over.

Collector.Live! is also different in that most speakers will only have 15 minutes for their presentation. That forces them to be as focused and specific as possible, enhancing the quality of the information being presented.

So much in the industry has changed and will continue to change, from the impact of the pandemic to the CFPB’s debt collection rule to a new president to who knows what is on the horizon. Collector.Live! is the chance to show your collectors that you are willing to invest in their development and help them improve their skillset. The timing of the event is perfect, too, as we head into income tax season.

Sign up for Collector.Live! and expose your staff to the best educators and motivators that this industry has to offer. Collectors will learn how to think better on their feet, how to be better negotiators, how consumer attorneys think and choose cases, how to be more engaging when on the phone, how to increase the amount they collect, and how to communicate with individuals in the digital age. Expose your collectors to experts like Mary Shores, John Bedard, Gordon Beck, Debra Ciskey, Dennis Barton, Joann Needleman, and more.

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to sign up for Collector.Live! You won’t regret it.

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