Training Bytes Video: How to Use Practice to Help Motivate Collectors

Generally, things that are sticky are not things that are sought after and desired. But when it comes to practice and training, that needs to be sticky to be effective. Because how many times have you set up a training session for your collectors, watched them walk back to their desks and use it for a few calls, only to go back to doing it the old way by the end of the day?

Such is the mission of Mary Shores in this episode of Training Bytes … how to make practice and training sticky so that collectors remember it and use it.

“I’ve got three tips for you guys today, on how to make those training sessions more sticky,” Mary says in the video. “They’re all easy to do. They’re universal. They apply to every part of life.

“The first one is to understand how the human mind learns information the best, and that is in small chunks of information. So you know, if you’re on the planet today, and you’re on social media, you probably realize that the average person’s attention span is getting shorter and shorter and shorter. Well, how does that affect our training practices? One of the ways is, if you can make your information smaller — that’s why we’re calling this Training Bytes — because it’s just a little small pieces of information. And so the human mind will learn in stacks. So what I mean by that is you want to learn, you know, the most basic skill first. And then you want to add to that. I’ve always got this concept at Midstate Collections, which is I want people to understand things inside, outside, backward and forward. Because if you can really get it, and one of my friends said the other day, I want to have them get it into their DNA. And the way you do that is you just present information in small chunks of learning. So maybe instead of having one long training session, maybe you break it down into like three, 15- minute sessions that you have, on a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.”

Watch the video above to learn the second and third tips from Mary. See all of the Training Bytes videos with Mary Shores here.

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