Demo Day: Interactions

Interactions is one of six companies participating in Demo Day on Tuesday, April 28. In advance of their participation, here is some background information about the company and some details about why you should sign up for their demo. You can sign up for their demo, as well as those of all other participating companies, by clicking here.

Company Name: Interactions
Company Website URL:
Company Phone Number: (866) 637-9049

What Would You Like People To Know About Your Company?
Interactions provides Virtual Collection Agents (VCA) that seamlessly blend Conversational AI and human understanding at real time to increase payment and debt recovery without compromising customer experience. Interactions works with various agencies across the debt life cycle–from originator to first party to third party–to offer an effective, compliant, and judgement-free collection experience that reduces risk and operational expenses.

How Do You Help Companies Increase Revenue and/or Reduce Expenses?

  • Interactions VCA automates data-driven and transactional tasks, freeing up your agents to focus on revenue generating opportunities. For example, VCA improves right party contact (RPC) and offers a customizable negotiation engine to maximize debt recovery. 
  • The VCA behaves like your best agent, at scale. It’s always available, always compliant, and always ready to help. 
  • Our VCA is a cloud-based, fully-managed solution with a success-based business model meaning that clients only pay for successful transactions.

Why Should People Sign Up For Your Demo?
This demo will show how Interactions VCA is disrupting the ARM industry with a truly conversational and human-like Virtual Agent powered by AI. We will show how Interactions VCA can complete end-to-end collection transactions without engaging a human agent–from right/wrong party detection and playing disclaimers to payment arrangements and negotiations, the VCA behaves like your best agent, at scale!

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