Demo Day: Applied Innovation

Applied Innovation is one of six companies participating in Demo Day on Tuesday, April 28. In advance of their participation, here is some background information about the company and some details about why you should sign up for their demo. You can sign up for Applied Innovation’s demo, as well as those of all other participating companies, by clicking here.

Company Name: Applied Innovation
Company Website URL:
Company Phone Number: 509-886-3100

What Would You Like People To Know About Your Company?
Applied Innovation is helping to shape the future of accounts receivable management. Product development is driven by customer feedback, agency profitability and compliance and includes platforms addressing client portal access, document management, payment negotiation and Regulation E focused electronic payment authorizations. Members of the ARM industry can partner with a company who understands your business challenges and evolves to provide cutting edge technology to overcome those challenges and achieve success.

How Do You Help Companies Increase Revenue and/or Reduce Expenses?
The suite of resources offered by Applied Innovation helps the user achieve a more streamlined, compliant and efficient method of client engagement, document management and consumer payment negotiation. These platforms allow the ARM industry to leverage technologies that will increase efficiencies, create more dynamic client relationships and assure the organization compliant approaches to consumer payment negotiations and transactions.

Why Should People Sign Up For Your Demo?
In light of the current Coronavirus pandemic, organizations have been forced to navigate the technological landscape in search of resources that allow their organizations to operate in a more automated and remote fashion. The platforms offered by Applied Innovation allow the user to better manage their client relationships, document storage and transfer as well as consumer payment transactions in a manner that assures operational continuity. Every ARM industry organization can benefit from these assets.

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