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New Yorkers Most Financially Stressed

New York might share borders with New Jersey and Connecticut but their residents do not share the same amount of financial stress, according to a website’s study of how individuals in different states searched for personal finance terms on Google, such as debt collection, debt relief, bankruptcy, and debt consolidation.

Looking at nine different search terms, the report identified New Yorkers as the most financially stressed individuals in the nation, followed by Louisiana, Nevada, Virginia, and Mississippi. Connecticut and New Jersey, meanwhile, 50th and 49th, respectively, trailing only Vermont as the nation’s least financially stressed states.

Among those states that searched for “debt collection,” Wyoming was at the top of the list, followed by South Dakota, Idaho, Nevada, and Montana.

Of the nine different financial terms, debt collection scored an average of 73.6 across all 50 states, making it the most popular search term of the nine that were analyzed. The 73.6 score means that the average state searched for that term 73.6% as often as the state that did the most searching for that term, which, in the case of debt collection, was Wyoming.

Debt collection just edged out bankruptcy as the most popular search term, followed by credit score, debt relief, credit card debt, debt consolidation, student loan debt, loan refinance, and payday loan.

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