Google Makes it Easier for Smartphone Users to Record Calls

Google is making it easier for users of its smartphones, especially those using Pixel 4 phones, to record calls.

Google announced last week that it is not automatically screening calls for anyone using its Pixel 4 devices. The feature has been added to Google’s “Call Screen” product, and will now filter out unwanted calls without the users’ phones ever ringing. Google had been allowing users to manually screen calls before deciding to accept them, but is now going to do that automatically, without the user’s phone ever ringing.

But along with screening calls, Call Screen is also making it easier for users to record calls they decide to answer. The option to record calls shows up in the Call Screen settings, and is turned off by default, but can be activated with the push of a button. The option is not showing up on older Pixel phones, but Google may roll it out in future software updates.

Whether Google is making the recording function available in all areas — some states require both parties to consent to being recorded — was not clear.

Companies in the credit and collection industry may want to be aware that individuals on the other end of the phone might have easy access to record collection calls on the chance that the individual may want to file a lawsuit later on.

A growing number of carriers, phone manufacturers, and software developers are rolling out tools to try and keep robocalls from being connected. But the credit and collection industry has long expressed concerns that legitimate calls — like those from debt collectors — are being unfairly blocked as well. This report offers some direct proof of that dynamic.

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