New App Unveiled to Automatically Block Calls

Companies in the credit and collection space might want to add a new app to the growing list of products and services they need to check against to make sure their calls are not being blocked or mis-labeled as fraud or spam.

A published report highlights the release of an app called The Silencer, which is currently only available on Android phones, but will soon be made available for iOS devices, as well.

The app automatically routes calls from numbers that are not in the recipient’s contacts to voicemail. Individuals can review a log of calls to determine whether to add blocked numbers to a whitelist of numbers whose calls will no longer be blocked and can turn the app off if an important call is expected to make sure it will not be routed to voicemail.

Companies in the credit and collection industry have been testing their dialing strategies and phone numbers against the growing number of apps available to smartphone users, as a means of making sure that calls from their agencies are not being blocked or mis-labeled.

The developers of the app said the idea for the service came from companies that were either spoofing phone numbers or using local phone numbers in attempts to get individuals to answer the phone.

Other apps from developers and services from voice carriers offer similar products to individuals to block calls, and use different algorithms and technology to determine which calls to block.

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