Consumers Flood CFPB With Comments Opposing Proposed Rule

More than 3,000 comments opposing the proposed debt collection rule were published yesterday, filed by consumers who voiced their concerns and dislike for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s proposal, while not necessarily getting into specifics and containing some rhetoric that even the director of the CFPB has sought to quash.

The new batch of comments more than doubled the total number of comments that have been filed so far, to 5,700.

Many of the comments were similar, making it appear as though they were generated by an app or service that automatically creates and files comments.

Wrote David Gurarie:

I oppose the Debt Collection rule because it allows debt collectors to harass consumers by calling them up to seven times per week, per debt. It also allows debt collectors to hound consumers with unlimited text messages and unlimited emails.

Kathy Kraninger, the director of the CFPB, has come out publicly and said that the anti-harassment provisions of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act would still be in place under the proposed rule, and would govern behaviors such as housing consumers “with unlimited text messages and unlimited emails.”

Other comments that were published yesterday were far more succinct. Wrote Jackie Wells:

I oppose the Debt Collection rule.

Others wanted to make sure they emphasized how strongly they felt about the proposed rule. Wrote Diane Schwarz:

I oppose the Debt Collection rule. Consumers are already being harassed on the phone & internet. PROTECT OUR PRIVACY and RIGHTS!!!!

The sheer volume of comments that are part of this latest campaign have blunted some momentum that the credit and collection industry had, thanks to a strong effort from the employees of Encore Capital, who had been voicing their support for the proposed rule.

Comments on the proposed rule are being accepted until Sept. 18. Comments can be filed here.

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  1. I’m not sure why the consumer advocacy crowd and the industry both seem to think there is a vote on this. It doesn’t matter how many times the same issue is repeated (assuming one is stated); it will only be considered as one issue.

    To inundate a Federal agency with form letters is a waste of time and money.

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