Report Ranks Best, Worst States For Healthcare

Even though they both have harsh winters in common, Minnesota and Alaska are at opposite ends of the healthcare spectrum, according to a published report, with the Land of 10,000 Lakes topping the list of the states with the best healthcare in the United States.

Looking at the cost of healthcare, access to healthcare, and the outcomes of healthcare procedures, Minnesota ranked first, followed by Massachusetts, Rhode Island, the District of Columbia, and Vermont. The bottom five states were Arkansas, South Carolina, Mississippi, North Carolina, and Alaska.

Source: WalletHub

Assessing the cost of healthcare, the District of Columbia had the most affordable healthcare in the nation, followed by Minnesota, North Dakota, Maryland, and Vermont. Healthcare is most expensive in Alaska, followed by North Carolina, Oregon, Washington, and Colorado.

While the report includes no specific data related to collections, the information is nonetheless useful on several different fronts. One, collection agencies are companies. And many provide healthcare benefits to their employees. Knowing how your state stacks up can impact decisions that are made about changes to healthcare plans offered by employers.

Second, states with a low percentage of insured individuals — such as Mississippi, Georgia, Oklahoma, Florida, and Texas — which are the five states with the lowest number of uninsured individuals, can mean that there could be more healthcare collection activity in those states. Individuals without insurance who need healthcare often have large bills that need to be paid.

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