More Companies Announce Patients Victimized in AMCA Data Breach

A number of new healthcare companies have come forward and announced the information of their patients was compromised in a data breach at American Medical Collection Agency.

Natera, American Esoteric Laboratories, CBLPath, South Texas Dermatopathology, Seacoast Pathology, and Laboratory of Dermatopathology ADX all had patient information compromised, joining Austin Pathology Associates and Arizona Dermatopathology, which made announcements earlier this week. More than 770,000 patient records were compromised at those six companies.

Since the breach was announced in June, more than a dozen companies have come forward to announce that their customers and patients had information compromised in the breach, with more than 25 million individuals affected. Clinical Pathology Laboratories, Inc.Quest DiagnosticsLabCorpPenobscot Community Health Center, and Opko Health have also said their information was stolen.

In many of the cases with the new announcements, the healthcare companies have identified significantly more individuals who may have had their information stolen than AMCA has notified. In the case of South Texas Dermatopathology, for example, AMCA has sent breach notifications to 1,200 people, but the healthcare provider has identified another 15,000 patients who were involved. With Seacoast Pathology, AMCA reported that 800 individuals had their information stolen, but the provider places that number closer to 10,000.

AMCA’s parent company, Retrieval-Masters Credit Bureau, has filed for bankruptcy protection. At the same time, one former customer of AMCA and the state of Indiana are seeking to have the company liquidate its assets instead of trying to reorganize itself and continue operating.

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