WebRecon, VoApps Announce Integration Partnership

JULY 15, 2019 — SAN DIEGO — With an integration proposition so logical that foreheads are probably being slapped in credit offices nationwide, VoApps and WebRecon are pleased to announce a new way for clients of both companies to better protect themselves against high-risk consumers.

VoApps and WebRecon are launching a new partnership today at the ACA International Convention and Expo. As two of the vendors in the industry that care most about helping legitimate businesses contact consumers in a safe, compliant environment, it is a natural fit. 

WebRecon provides the gold standard, must-have technology for agencies to protect themselves from contacting serial plaintiffs and litigious consumers.

VoApps DirectDrop Voicemail constantly adds new features to protect users from creating situations that could irk consumers or give them reason to complain. 

Together, the services will enable their clients to bounce phone numbers off of WebRecon’s database of high-risk phone numbers immediately before VoApps drops messages to them. Or, in the case of a match, before VoApps suppresses them to protect the client from unnecessary risk.

The new combination will allow agencies to add yet another layer of protection and comfort to their contact methods so that they can continue to do the honest work of notifying consumers of their financial obligations.
If you would like to add this functionality, please contact either VoApps or WebRecon to sign up.

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