New A.R.M Agency – Old Faces: Valor Intelligent Processing Opens In Jacksonville, Florida

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA – (07/03/2019) – Valor intelligent Processing, LLC, also known as VIP, opened in Jacksonville, FL Monday, July 3rd, 2019. VIP is a modern era Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) Firm led by industry veteran Gordon C. Beck III, President and Chief Operating Officer.  VIP has made several key technology infrastructure investments to position VIP on the leading edge of tech-enabled ARM services such as the adoption of FICO® Debt Manager™ and the integration of several proprietary, custom-developed and aggregated applications that involve BI and AI strategies never used before in the industry. The technology investment builds a collections and recovery lifecycle that meets customers where they want to interact, rather than only calling them when the agency expects it to be the right time, is prudent in the latest environment of regulatory clarity and the need for a compliant digital customer experience.

VIP plans to hire 300 recovery professionals in Jacksonville, Fl to support a variety of commercial and consumer accounts with scalability to 1,500 in their call centers in Iowa and Georgia that are already licensed and ready for VIP’s future expansion. 

“Valor is going to be different than any agency in the country.  Founded by experts from both the BPO and Collection Industries, started by over 50 management, agents and back office with nearly 1,000 years of experience in the field and supported by enterprise technology in every aspect of the organization, we are launching with a plan to execute in a way that will send shockwaves throughout the ARM industry almost instantly. I’m blessed to be working with several dozen of the very best that the world of BPO and Recovery has to offer, and we are going to build a culture that is going to help change the image of our industry, one call at a time. We are going to make our mark and that mark is going to be remembered.” says Gordon Beck, President and COO.

VIP prides itself in providing a work atmosphere for their employees that is second to none, where building careers and culture is a way of life and where the client, customer and employee experience will be unmatched.

About Valor Intelligent Processing, LLC

VIP provides enterprise-level 1st and 3rd party solutions for every stage of an account life-cycle.  The VIP services and product offerings are robust; including, but not limited to, omnichannel collections and recovery, credit reporting, analytics, database, self-service and custom contact center business process management (BPM) solutions. VIP offers a unique strategy for the recovery of receivables and deploys the most advanced technology to enhance the customer experience and ensure compliance and quality at every turn. For more information, please visit

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