Reliant Capital Solutions CEO Profiled in Local Business Mag

A profile in a local business magazine is a perfect example of the type of positive press that companies in the credit and collection industry are capable of obtaining, if they are proactive in looking for it.

Using a great example of what happened when the agency was accidentally provided the name and phone number of a large donor on a list of individuals with student loan debt, a university demanded a recording of the conversation from the company, Reliant Capital Solutions. The university was so impressed with what it heard, it gave the customer service rep who made the call an award for professionalism.

From there, the profile talks about the company’s expansion plans, its emphasis on building and maintaining a great corporate culture, and how it approaches its relationships with its clients.

With 350 employees and a projected revenue of $60 million this year, Reliant Capital Solutions is engaging in a $4 million expansion project. The company could be growing faster, Chief Executive Margie Brickner said, but it is choosing not to because it only hires individuals that fit the company’s culture and ethos.

“Having a great company culture is more than having ping-pong tables,” said Chief Operating Officer Rob Twitchell. “Margie genuinely cares about each and every person. She has high expectations and is very transparent.”

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