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FCC Announces Summit to Discuss Caller ID Authentication Deployment

The Federal Communications Commission announced yesterday that it will convene an event in July aimed at showcasing the deployment of the SHAKEN/STIR Caller ID authentication framework. The SHAKEN/STIR initiative is considered an important prong in the regulator’s battle to combat the proliferation of illegal robocalls.

The SHAKEN/STIR Robocall Summit will be held July 11 in Washington, D.C. Along with discussing how voice service providers are deploying the technology, which enables individuals receiving calls to verify the number calling them is accurate and has not been spoofed. The FCC says there are four main objectives for the summit:

  • Discussing the lessons learned from major voice service providers that have begun to deploy call authentication technology in their own networks and test inter-carrier call signing
  • Understanding the technical barriers, if any, to deployment of SHAKEN/STIR by other major voice service providers
  • Hearing about the challenges to deployment faced by smaller voice service providers
  • Understanding the effectiveness of call authentication to reduce spoofed robocalls and improve the consumer experience

“I’ve repeatedly demanded that major voice service providers implement a strong call authentication framework this year,” said Ajit Pai, the Chairman of the FCC, in a statement. “I want to hear from them on the progress they’ve made toward meeting this goal. We chose this industry-led path because it is the fastest way to help consumers, but I remain committed to taking regulatory action — action for which we’ve already laid the groundwork — if major carriers do not implement the SHAKEN/STIR framework this year.”

The Summit is open to the public and will also be live-streamed online.

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