ACA International Takes Over Management of Great Lakes Credit and Collection Association

ACA International announced on Friday that it was taking over the day-to-day management of the Great Lakes Credit and Collection Association, a three-state regional association that is the largest regional unit in the country.

ACA International assumed management responsibilities of the association as of Jan. 1, 2019, it announced.

The GLCCA was founded in 2016 when the Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota state associations merged to form one regional unit. A number of other states groups have joined together to form regional units, such as the Mid-Atlantic Collectors Association, the Associated Collection Agencies of Colorado, Wyoming, and New Mexico, the Gulf States Collectors Association, and the New England Collectors Association.

In running the association, ACA will provide executive leadership, strategic guidance, and will manage all business and day-to-day functions, including event management and communications. Harry Strausser, the education and membership development director at ACA International, will be the GLCCA’s executive director moving forward.

“GLCCA is among the strongest, most powerful state units affiliated with ACA International,” said Tim Haag, president of GLCCA. “The decision to transfer management responsibilities to ACA is a result of our desire to strengthen GLCCA’s programs and offerings. ACA International staff understands our needs and is well-suited to work with board members and other leadership to provide members with outstanding service they expect.”

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