Americans Still Crave Human Interaction, But Prefer Texting to Other Digital Communication Methods

Our smartphones may be permanently glued to our faces and we may always have at least one eye trained on a screen somewhere, but humans still crave interaction with one another, according to the results of a poll conducted last week.

That being said, if human interaction is not on the table, then individuals in most age groups prefer texting to phone calls or emails.

The poll, conducted by Axios, revealed that in-person interactions beat texting or any other form of communication by a margin of 2-to-1 overall, with 42% of people preferring to speak in person, followed by 21% who preferred text messaging, 16% who preferred a phone call, and 15% who want to hear what you have to say in an email.

The gap between texting, phone calls, and emails were widest among members of the millennial generation — those who are between 18 and 34 years old — where texting outpaced phone calls and emails by a margin of nearly three-to-one. Among those between the ages go 35 and 64, texting, phone calls, and emails were about even, while among those older than 65, email and phone calls were preferred over texting.

One surprising statistic is the number of people who prefer to communicate via social media — only 2% overall.

“The results of the poll underscore that adults still value the human connection of an in-person conversation,” Axios said in its report.

For anyone in the ARM industry that is looking at getting in touch with individuals, this data should help form and guide a communication strategy moving forward.


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