Consumers Not Satisfied With Health Insurers

Americans don’t have much love for their health insurance companies, according to data released by the American Customer Satisfaction Index.

Among all industries in the finance and insurance category, health insurers ranked the lowest in customer satisfaction, scoring a 73 out of 100. By comparison, banks scored an 81, property and casualty insurance scored an 80, and life insurance scored a 78.

Among 50 different industries ranked by the ACSI, only five had lower satisfaction scores than health insurance: local government, the federal government, subscription television, video on demand, and Internet service providers.

“Health insurance is, by far, the most problematic and least satisfying category in the sector, in part because it is also the most complicated and controversial,” the ACSI said in its report.

Perhaps the news is not all bad for the health insurance industry. The 73 score represents the highest mark the industry has received since 2009, and is four percentage points higher than the mark it received in 2015.

One area of concern with health insurers, according to a published report, is a dissatisfaction with call centers.

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