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Woman Sues to Stop Debt Collectors From Knocking on Her Door

An Oregon woman has filed suit against a rent-to-own franchise because they keep sending collectors to her residence looking for someone who does not live there.

The collectors have slipped demand letters and other notifications under her door and, at times, have pounded on her door for up to 20 minutes looking for someone named Steven, the woman alleges in her complaint. The woman — Caitlin Kelly — has invited the men into the home to prove that Steven is not living there and that the items that Steven purchased are not in the house.

Seeking Steven is Aaron’s, a national furniture and appliance chain, which has more than 1,700 stores nationwide. About a third of them, including the store in question, are independently operated franchises.

The complaint, filed in an Oregon state court, alleges that the company has harassed the woman and her children, to the point of waking the kids up while they were asleep.

The woman alleges that the company has invaded her privacy and intentionally inflicted emotional harm. She is seeking $400,000 in damages from the company, which declined to comment when contacted by a local newspaper. The lawsuit accuses the company of stalking Kelly and her children, despite being asked to leave and not return.

“It has just been horrible getting harassed,” Kelly said. “We’re thinking about moving because of it.”

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