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Nicholson Stief Gets Profile Treatment From Local Newspaper

Kudos to Donna Nicholson Stief for making it into her local newspaper with a very flattering profile.

Many in the ARM industry know Nicholson Stief for her work with the Mid-Atlantic Collectors Association and with ACA International (she’s also been a frequent speaker on webinars hosted by AccountsRecovery.net), and it is a recent award that has a newspaper in Lancaster, Penn., featuring the executive director of the Credit Bureau of Lancaster County.

In the feature, Nicholson Stief talks about the history of the agency as well as the type of work that it does and the impact that technology has had on the ARM industry. She also shares how regulation and compliance govern so much of what a collection agency does on a day-to-day basis and the importance of treating individuals with respect and dignity.

“The reputation of the collection industry is one we work really hard to change.” Nicholson Stief says in the article. “No one is going to change it for us, so we have to change it ourselves.”

For the general public, the feature is a great look at what goes on behind the curtains of a collection agency and is just the kind of outreach that collection agencies should be doing at the local level to win the hearts and minds of individuals. It is articles like this one that can combat the negative stigma that sticks to the ARM industry like a sweaty sock on a humid day.



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