Sequium Introduces David, the Most Technologically Advanced Mobile App to the Collection Industry

Sequium Asset Solutions, LLC, a leader in outsourced Accounts Receivable Management, has announced their proprietary and data-driven mobile application called DAVID; that will allow consumers to solve their obligations when it comes to debt management, and empower them to be in control of their own financial situations.

What is David? David is yet another extension of Sequium’s continuation of providing multichannel communication and payment methodologies to its consumer base. This self-service application allows consumers to make payment arrangements, settlements, and to communicate with us via the channel of their choice. David provides access to email, text, phone, push notifications and live chat to its users. The system has a multitude of payment options and it links to various non-traditional payment sources.

This smartphone application is totally compliant with all regulations i.e. reg-e, e-sign etc., and simultaneously protects consumers’ privacy while maintaining the highest degree of encryption and security protocols. The system allows for real-time access to their account information and can feature rewards and incentives for complying with the payment arrangements they have set for themselves. Further, the system is fully customizable to meet all of our clients’ needs including Rule Based Payments and AI integrated solutions.

“The circumstances in our lives tend to matter less to us than the sense of control we feel we have,” said Greg Schubert, President and CEO of Sequium Asset Solutions, LLC. “This highly advanced tool gives that exact control that consumers require to manage their own unique financial situations.”

Schubert added, “David has been a significant imperative of the company as we continue to leverage technology, data science, business intelligence and advanced machine learning. Sequium was formed with the vision to re-engineer the entire collection process in this new world we live in. David is more than just an application as it is an extension of how individuals now communicate on a daily basis. At the end of the day, Sequium wants to own that access to the smartphone. It’s where things are going and where we are going to be every step of the way, and then some.”

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