Friends, Colleagues Share Insights Into ACA International’s New President

At ACA International’s conference in Nashville last month, Jack Brown III was installed as the association’s president for the 2018-19 year. He will lead the organization through next year’s conference in San Diego. The ARM industry is facing a number of potential issues in that timeframe. The Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection is expected to release its proposed debt collection rule at some point in 2019, possibly as early as March (have you entered the pool to select your date yet?) and the Federal Communications Commission is working on a proposed rule related to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. Both regulatory items have the potential to dramatically impact how collection agencies operate.

So who is Jack Brown? And what makes him tick? To help shed some light onto these questions, asked a number of individuals in the ARM industry for their thoughts and impressions of Brown, so that everyone in the industry might come to know him and what he’s about. Although there may be some discrepancy as to what college he roots for, everyone is excited for JB3’s tenure.


Rozanne Andersen, Chief Compliance Officer, Ontario Systems
“I have known Jack Brown for over 15 years and consider him one of the finest members of the credit and collection industry. Jack and I have worked together on ACA committees, we have organized unit meetings and we have fought for legislative and regulatory change for as many years. He rose to a leadership position in each of these environments; but one of the most amazing accomplishments of Jack Brown is his single handed fight in Mais v. Gulf Coast Collection Bureau, Inc. et al. Along with MAP and defense attorney, Skip Kohlmyer, Jack was able to win a TCPA case that turned the tide in favor of the industry for years to come. I’m not sure if the win says more about Jack’s ability to commit and follow through or his ability to seek the truth. But regardless, I am thrilled to see him rise to the level of President of ACA International and know the association is in the best of hands. Congrats to you Jack!!”


LaDonna Bohling, Vice President, Contract Callers
“Unlike the Florida Gators, Jack Brown is a force to be reckoned with as he stands his ground and doesn’t back down. His tenacity, tact, and diplomacy is just what our industry needs to tackle the issues that are thrown to us daily.”


Tina Hanson, Executive Vice President, State Collection Service
“Jack has an uncanny ability to break down a complex issue into simple parts and get movement and agreement quickly. His motto is let’s just get it done!”


Nick Jarman, Chief Operating Officer, Credit Collection Partners
“From the moment I met Jack I knew he was going to do something special in many ways as a contributor to ACA. I was fortunate to serve on the ACA Board of Directors with Jack for a year and his excellence in all aspects of our industry shined through, especially his forethought into the issues we faced and solutions on how to fix them. It was also apparent that Jack was destined to become ACA President as he had all the boxes checked when it came to who would best serve as ACA President. I am privileged not just to call Jack my ACA President, but also my friend who I can rely one when times are good and when times are tough. We are certainly in good hands with JB3 at the helm over the next year.”


Matt Kiefer, Chief Officer of Information, Compliance & Development, The Preferred Group of Tampa
“I had the pleasure of being a colleague of Jack’s dad (Jack Brown II) back in in the Florida Collector’s Association 1999. when I was just starting out as a new Assistant Director for Florida Hospital’s (then) wholly-owned collections agency, Professional Collection Systems. There was a lot of sharing of ideas and Jack’s dad really became an early mentor for me. When Jack joined, I was immediately impressed with what a hard charger he was- learning and growing. While I have reached out to many, including Skip Kohlmeyer, Adam Plotkin, Leslie Bender, Rozanne Anderson, and others, it was quite evident that soon, I need not look farther, than reaching out to Jack Brown III who was very active in the Florida Collector’s Association and was extremely confidant and comfortable ‘talking the talk,’ but also ‘walking the walk.’ He holds the same high standards that his dad does, and it is evident in his character.

“I remember my first trip to Tallahassee with Skip and Jack, going to meet the FCA’s lobbyist and Andrew Grosmaire and Greg Oaks, both with the Florida Office of Financial Regulation. I was impressed with Jack’s professionalism and confidence in working with and establishing great working relationships with the OFR. We actually were among the first to invite them into our agencies to see how we operated. At the time, there were proposals being tossed around about what would need to be produced for audits and what could and couldn’t be produced. For instance, back in the day, not all agencies recorded calls and not all used autodialers. So, the OFR wanted to have teams visit various agencies to see what was ‘reasonable’ to ask for and produce for an audit. I know they visited PCS and I was extremely nervous. I believe we had about 7 officials in our office for a day with follow up later by email and phone calls. I believe another team visited Jack’s office too. The intent was for the OFR to be able to do a routine audit of an agency ever so often to ensure compliance and keep out the bad actors.

“Years later, the OFR implemented the routine audits which our agency, Professional Collection and Management Services, went through its first last year. It was reasonable and tolerable and we learned a lot from it. We also gave a session at the annual meeting of the Florida Collector’s Association to educate members on what they could expect. In fact, I have received calls to assist others that received notices that they were going to be audited. During our audit, my boss, David Kelley, was FCA president at the time and he and Jack were in Tallahassee the day the auditors from the OFR showed up. I remember David telling me, he was questioned on why he didn’t stay behind to which he said something like, ‘Matt’s my compliance officer, he’s got this.’ If I was a cat, I lost eight of my nine lives during those months of the request for production, the audit itself, and the waiting period following for the results.

“During that first trip (my first trip) to Tallahassee, I also remember our group sat in a session about some bill being debated affecting collections and I remember at first being intimidated at going and listening in, as if these people, these elected officials, were so super smart and ‘holier-than-thou.’ Boy was I wrong! What I heard in that session showed lack of knowledge, some ignorance (not reading the proposals or relying on aides), and just general disrespect at times towards others, in my opinion. I remember thinking, who elected these people? It was then I realized that the people we elect put their pants on one leg at a time, just like we do, and they are no better than the constituents they represent. Jack has really set the bar for an ACA member association’s professionalism and ‘working-relationship’ with our regulators and we always invite them to our annual conference. I am proud that Jack is a fellow colleague, and even more proud to call him a friend.”


Pamela Kirchner, CEO, BCA Financial Services
“Jack loves fishing, FSU, and the collection industry and if you asked me to rank them, I would be at a complete loss as he is extremely passionate about all of them.

“I met Jack seventeen or eighteen years ago when he attended a Florida Collectors Association meeting with his dad. He just seemed to immediately fit in and quickly became a valued member of our Unit. Even with the significant amount of time he spends on ACA matters, he always makes the time to participate in FCA Board and committee calls and meetings. The success of the unit’s Annual Legislative Conference is mainly the result of Jack’s efforts, solid relationships with state regulators, and his in-depth knowledge of our industry and the political environment.

“I’ve had the pleasure of watching Jack grow from a somewhat laid-back young man into an accomplished, successful, and influential leader. As a member of the ACA Board of Directors, I’m excited about this upcoming year and the many great things we are sure to accomplish under Jack’s direction.”


Anita Manghisi, President, Independent Recovery Resources
“Jack Brown III is an invaluable asset to our industry. He’s both an agency owner and an attorney which makes him a tremendous resource for our members. As an agency owner he understands the needs from an operating aspect and as an attorney fights for the frivolous suits and knows the importance of legislative reform.

“I’ve had the opportunity to work with jack on some matters of legislative reform, particularly geared toward the Credit Repair Services Industry and he was more than willing to share his thoughts, comments and exchange information for the benefit of those outside his home state of Florida.

“I’m extremely excited for his vision as our newly elected President. His connections with both federal and state legislatures and his passion to fight the good fight mean he has our member’s best interest at hand.”


Jeremy Mapes, Mapes Consulting
“I flew down to Miami, then drove to the Keys to be a guest speaker at once FCA conference, I was ‘right on schedule’, meaning ‘not a minute to lose’. While moving through the hot sun and finding my way down to the proper area that I’d be giving my speech, Jack was one of the people greeting and teeing up the different speakers. Jack seems like a busy guy on the move but he also carries a level of comfort about him. He doesn’t seem like someone that’s easily shaken or surprised. He roles with punches and stays on task, though always multi-tasking. The other time I had met Jack was when Matt Kiefer introduced me as Jack and him were imbibing at an ACA conference, Jack busily catching up on information from the home front while carrying on a conversation at the same time.”


Richard Perr, Past President, ACA International & Partner, Fineman, Krekstein & Harris
“Jack Brown is the perfect individual to lead ACA and continue the momentum that the ARM Industry has been experiencing. As a second generation agency owner, he has grown up in the industry. He also was fortunate enough to grow up in politics as his mom was a state legislator. These experiences will pay great dividends for us when Jack tackles the advocacy agenda we inevitably face.

“I think we are going to see great things from Jack in the upcoming year.”


Harry Strausser, Director of Education & Membership Development, ACA International
“Our industry is rich with a strong foundation of family owned collection firms, which built their businesses over many decades, and in some cases over multiple generations.

“ACA International, Inc. and the entire credit and collections industry, is very fortunate to have Jack Brown III at the helm of the association as President for the next 12 months. He will clearly, openly and boldly continue representing our industry with the same passion and enthusiasm instilled in him by his well know industry father, Jack Brown Jr. As a second generation collector I know how Jack’s love of this industry developed and I remain confident he will represent us well and make us proud!”

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