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Pro-Consumer Group Launches Campaign Against Kraninger

A pro-consumer group yesterday launched a massive advertising campaign in the Washington, D.C., area attempting to “educate” viewers about the record of Kathy Kraninger, who has been nominated to be the next director of the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection.

Kraniger is set to have her confirmation hearing before the Senate Banking Committee this Thursday.

Allied Progress announced that it has launched a “six-figure” advertising campaign along with a digital campaign targeting a number of Senators who could likely influence Kraninger’s confirmation. Those Seniors include Sen. Mike Crapo [R-Idaho.], chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, along with Sen. Joe Donnelly [D-Ind.], Sen. Heidi Heitkamp [D-N.D.], Sen. Dean Heller [R-Nev.], Sen. Doug Jones [D-Ala.], Sen. John Kennedy [R-Louis.], Sen. Jon Tester [D-Mont.], and Sen. Them Tillis [R-N.C.].

Allied Progress has purchased the URL www.KathyKraninger.com and is using it as a tool for consumers to reach out to their Senators to urge them to oppose Kraninger’s nomination.

“Simply put, she has no record of protecting consumers or standing up to powerful Wall Street special interests — key traits we all want in America’s chief consumer advocate,” Allied Progress writes on its website. “We deserve a consumer champion at the CFPB, not someone will continue Mick Mulvaney’s anti-consumer agenda.”

According to a press release announcing the campaign, the script of the ad reads:

“We depend on the CFPB to keep Wall Street, payday lenders and scam artists in line. But Trump’s choice to lead it is off the rails. Kathy Kraninger lacks any experience dealing with consumer protection. Failed to properly manage the terrorist watch list… Enabled Trump’s family separation immigration policy. And oversaw agencies that abandoned Puerto Rican evacuees after Hurricane Maria. Tell your Senators to stop Kathy Kraninger before this train wreck hits you.”

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