Plaintiff Sues Dish Network For TCPA Violation Over 300 Calls to Wrong Number

A plaintiff has filed a lawsuit against Dish Network, alleging the company violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act when it made more than 300 collection-related calls to the plaintiff’s cell phone without her consent because the company was trying to reach someone else.

On at least three occasions, according to the complaint, the plaintiff spoke to a live representative and revoked consent to be contacted and informed the defendant that she was not the intended recipient of the calls.

A copy of the complaint in the case of Washington v. Dish Network can be accessed by clicking here.

Along with making calls without receiving prior express consent, the defendant is also accused of using an automated telephone dialing system and using a pre-recorded or artificial voice.

The plaintiff included an exhibit documenting 140 calls that were received during a five-month period in 2017. The calls began in October 2015, according to the complaint.

The plaintiff did have an account with the defendant, but the defendant would ask for a male individual the plaintiff did not know when it contacted her, according to the complaint.

The plaintiff is alleging that the calls were made willfully by the defendant because consent had been revoked on so many occasions.


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