Judge Tosses Case Filed by Professional Plaintiff

A man known for filing a lot of lawsuits, including many against collection agencies, has had one thrown out by a federal judge.

Judge Waverly Crenshaw Jr., from the District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee, granted summary judgment in favor of a defendant — a home security system company, in this case — after it was sued by Craig Cunningham, a name that is well-known in the ARM industry. Cunningham has expressed an interest in obtaining a home security system from the defendant and then subsequently filed a lawsuit when the company contacted him to follow up on his inquiry.

Judge Crenshaw refused to allow the plaintiff to voluntarily dismiss the case and also noted Cunningham’s lack of interest in pursuing discovery on the case.

“A stay of discovery has never been entered in this years-long case, and Plaintiff has not shown that he has been anywhere near diligent in pursuing discovery,” Judge Crenshaw wrote in his ruling granting summary judgment.

Cunningham has filed 10 lawsuits against collection agencies thus far in 2018 and has filed 113 overall dating back 13 years, according to data compiled by WebRecon.

A copy of the ruling in the case of Craig Cunningham v. Rapid Response Monitoring Services, Inc. et al can be accessed by clicking here.


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