For FTC Commissioner, Every Day is Take Your Daughter To Work Day

The New York Times has an interesting and inspiring profile of Rebecca Slaughter, a new commissioner at the Federal Trade Commission. What makes the profile interesting and inspiring is that she is doing her job while bringing her eight-week-old daughter, Pippa, to work with her every morning.

Slaughter, who used to work for Sen. Chuck Schumer, was confirmed by the Senate to be one of the five commissioners running the FTC back in April. Her confirmation hearings came just days after giving birth to Pippa, her third child.

The FTC has welcome both Slaughters with open arms, according to the article, and there are hopes that it might pave the way for more flexible working conditions within the federal government and beyond.

Many have claimed to Slaughter that she is a superhero for managing both her work and family lives at the same time. She disagrees.

“I don’t feel superhuman. I feel like a mom who has a career of which she cares about very much and a family she cares about very much. And I’m trying to navigate the two.”

In the next few weeks, Pippa will be old enough to be dropped off for daycare, but until then, she’ll go to work every day with her mother.

She organizes her days accordingly, only accepting meetings and speaking engagements where she can take the baby. Two weeks ago, she appeared onstage at a privacy conference hosted by the Future of Privacy Forum for a question-and-answer session. Pippa shared the stage, asleep in her carrier.

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