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Consumer Attorney Denies Sharing Confidential Data in TCPA Suit

The lawyer representing a class of consumers in a lawsuit against Ocwen Loan Servicing has denied passing along confidential information to other attorneys in a separate lawsuit.

Mark Ankcorn was accused by Ocwen in November of violating a confidentiality agreement and persuading members of the class to opt out of a proposed settlement so they could be involved in a separate lawsuit against the company.

Ankcorn filed an affidavit yesterday with the District Court for the Northern District of Illinois stating that he did not provide “any of the call data at issue.”

Ankcorn did confirm that he provided a total count of calls to a specific phone number at the request of lawyers from another firm. There were about 35 of these requests, according to Ankcorn’s affidavit.

Notes, which included the total number of calls, were also shared with the second law firm when Ankcorn’s clients were referred to that firm. Ankcorn also confirmed he sent follow-up letters to those individuals.

This follow-up investigation was prompted by additional facts I learned in the course of the discovery related to the preliminary injunction motion and proved to be fruitless

A copy of Ankcorn’s affidavit can be accessed here.

According to Ocwen, Anckorn used information from one lawsuit in another lawsuit filed against the loan servicer. Some of the data used in the second lawsuit is identical to the data provided to Anckorn in the original suit, which is too much of a coincidence for Ocwen’s liking .

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