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Loan Servicer Facing TCPA Class-Action Suit Over Skiptracing Calls

A plaintiff in Pennsylvania, Sandra Corrigan, has filed a class-action lawsuit against Seterus Inc., a mortgage loan servicer, alleging the company violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act by making automated calls to the cell phones of individuals without obtaining prior consent. In fact, the suit alleges that the defendant was not even attempting to contact individuals with a debt, but instead trying to contact people somehow connected to those individuals, such as friends or relatives.

The calls were placed as a result of skiptracing that was done on a particular account, the suit alleges. The suit also alleges that the defendant placed calls to phone numbers that were once used by debtors, but “which no longer belong to that person.”

Corrigan started receiving calls last August from the defendant because her daughter was behind on her mortgage payment. The suit alleges that Seterus called the defendant at least two dozen more times after she requested to stop receiving calls.

The defendant caused “actual” harm to the plaintiff and the other members of the class through “aggravation and nuisance that necessarily accompanies the receipt of such calls.”

The exact number of individuals that could be part of the class-action lawsuit is not known, but is likely in the “thousands,” according to a copy of the complaint, which can be accessed here. The case was filed in the U.S> District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania.



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