Anyone Interested?

Off the top, I’ll admit I have no idea how common this is. But it seems an unusual occurrence to me, so I’m sharing it anyway.

Local Counsel Needed To File TCPA Class Action, screams the headline on a classified post on Craigslist in Spokane, Wash. Then comes the kicker: No Experience Necessary

My firm is looking for local counsel in Washington State to file a federal class action case in the Eastern District of Washington. This is a TCPA class action, but you need not have experience with the TCPA. We are looking for pure local counsel at $150/hr. Your duties will include simply filing the case and advising/consulting on local rules and procedures. My firm will take the lead on communication and litigation. Please reply with your resume.

Not a bad gig for $150 an hour, right?

If you end up getting sued in the Eastern District of Washington, this may have been how it all started.

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