CallMiner Shares Additional Details About New App Exchange

Collection agencies that use CallMiner‘s speech analytics platform now have access to templates that will save time and make searching for specific language patterns more efficient, after the company announced the launch of new app exchange.

Called the Eureka Xchange, the templates, called categories in CallMiner’s parlance, are available to all Eureka customers.

Eureka customers have the ability to create custom searches for certain language or acoustic patterns, to ensure the collection agents are saying what they should, or not saying what they shouldn’t, and to keep track of what customers say on the other end of the line, said Scott Kendrick, vice president of marketing for CallMiner. The company has created 14 pre-built categories for customers now, which can be tweaked according to a customer’s needs, Kendrick said. The plan is to allow customers to start sharing their own categories with the Eureka user community during the first quarter of 2017.

“We want to enable that exchange of knowledge and creation of categories through the application,” Kendrick said. “Instead of having to build something from scratch, users can grab categories from this library.”

For collection agencies, the pre-built categories include:

  • Identifying TCPA risks
  • Debt disputes
  • When an individual claims a payment has already been made
  • When an individual disputes a debt
  • When an individual claims not to have been notified about a debt

CallMiner unveiled the Eureka Xchange at its user conference last week in Florida.

“There have been a fair number of downloads already,” Kendrick said.



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