Daily Digest – November 10. CFPB Releases Fall Supervisory Report; Louisiana Library Gets Serious About Collections

Some quick links to start your Tuesday. The retail industry is gearing up for more Black Friday madness. Here are Target’s plans  …  The chief digital officer of New York City discusses the importance of the user experience … The next mobile phone game craze … A new, bigger iPad goes on sale tomorrow … Your state is probably more corrupt than you think … Are you as geeked out for the new “Star Wars” movie as I am? Here is an interview with J.J. Abrams … Starbucks offers free college tuition to the spouses and children of employees who are veterans … Small business optimism remained unchanged in October … SeaWorld will stop its killer whale shows next year … Hackers are more reluctant to sell stolen data back to the company it stole from … How to write an effective email … Campbell’s is changing its recipe for chicken noodle soup.


  • ACA International has a thorough analysis of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Fall 2015 Supervisory Highlights Report, including the little nugget that many collection agencies are incapable of making the necessary changes to a consumer’s account when the consumer verbally requests that the collector cease communications.
  • One New Jersey police department is joining with a Garden State Senator to push for legislation that would keep scammers from being able to use autodialing technology to impersonate the Internal Revenue Service because, as the police department said, having private collectors working on tax debts flies in the face of everything that they have been telling citizens to avoid.
  • A library in Louisiana is getting serious about overdue books. It has hired a collections agency to “encourage” patrons with overdue materials to bring them back to the library.

I have to admit I can’t get worked up about this “controversy”

The national beard and mustache championships were recently held in Brooklyn

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