Daily Digest – November 4. Proposed Legislation To Undo Robocall Allowance; IRS Employees Against Outsourcing Collections

Some quick links to start your Wednesday.  Consumers can now purchase and finance a car from their driver’s seat using a new app and a car that can connect to the Internet … Email marketing company Constant Contact was sold for $1.1 billion … Consumers still prefer paper coupons to digital or online ones, according to a survey … The buzzwords most commonly found in tech job postings … Bitcoin prices are spiking and nobody knows why … The habits of influential people … The things Americans are most likely to steal … The average price for college tuition: $44,000 …  The best pizza in every state … The behaviors of millionaire entrepreneurs … Fruit breeders keep coming up with new versions of apples.


  • There appears to be proposed legislation on the horizon that would undo a proposal included in the federal budget that will allow the use of automated dialers when collecting on federal student loans. Here is a link to the proposed legislation, but as of this morning, it does not appear to have been officially introduced in the Senate.
  • The head of the union representing employees of the Internal Revenue Service has come out against a proposal that would would allow the outsourcing of private debt collections on unpaid tax debt. The proposal is included in a bill that is mainly targeted toward spending for federal highways and the IRS issue could hold up passage of the bill, which has a December deadline for enactment.
  • A New Jersey couple is suing a real estate investment company that was servicing their mortgage for harassment and taking payments, but not applying them to their balance. The harassment even started before the company acquired the servicing rights to the loan, according to the suit, with the CEO of the company visiting the couple and making threats.
  • Consumers spent an average of $92 per day in October, $4 more than they spent in September, according to data released by Gallup. The spending includes gas, retail, online, and food.

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