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The sad fact about the collections business is, that when an agency is successful, it’s actually making itself obsolete.

Most collection agencies are collecting on behalf of clients, from credit card companies to the local doctor’s office. And when those delinquent borrowers make their payments, the agency has to go out and find new accounts to replace those that are all paid up.

That makes sales and marketing a vital component of a successful collection operation.

Sure, there is a tremendous focus on compliance, and rightly so. But sales and marketing are what keep collection agencies doors’ open. is excited to host a free webinar on Thursday, November 12 at 1pm ET on the topic of Sales & Marketing in Collections.

An esteemed panel of speakers will share their perspectives and insights into how agencies can improve their sales and marketing operations. The speakers for this webinar are:

  • Scott Cole, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, GC Services
  • Adam Parks, President, Branding Arc and President, ComplyARM
  • John Viggiano, Director of Marketing, Simon’s Agency

The speakers will address a number of topics, including:

  • How Compliance Factors Into Sales & Marketing
  • Relationship Building
  • Social Media
  • The Sales Pipeline
  • Marketing Channels
  • Search-Engine Optimization
  • Maximizing the Utility of Company Websites

To register for this free webinar, please click here.

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