Daily Digest – October 29. Collection Agency Stresses Compassion; Senators Complain About Zombie Debt

Some quick links to start your Thursday. Ford is prepping a huge sale starting next week … How to use “Star Wars” to tell your story better … Deutsche Bank is cutting 35,000 jobs worldwide … Takeaways from last night’s Republican presidential candidate debate … An online lender that wants to be the Amazon of financial services … MasterCard joined a group of investors funding a digital currency start-up … The smart way to respond to an offensive email … Gmail is “far more secure” than government systems.


  • Trey Hall was working at a collections agency in Wichita when it closed in July. He decided to start his own agency and called it Eleos Services. For those who don’t speak Greek, Eleos means compassion or mercy, and that is the approach that Hall is taking with his agency. Taking a more compassionate approach to collections has led to a 35% recovery rate, Hall said.
  • A proposal that would allow the use of robocalls to collect on student loan debt continues to move forward as part of the federal budget, even though a growing number of Senators are starting to raise concerns about the idea.
  • It must be Halloween week if Senators are talking about “zombie” debts. Sen. Chuck Schemer [D-N.Y.] is joining Sen. Sherrod Brown [D-Ohio] in trying to root out zombie debt, which is described as debts that have been resolved, but still remain on consumers’ credit reports.
  • Another city – Austin, Texas – is in trouble for jailing people who can not afford to pay fines for misdemeanor court offenses. The city is facing a lawsuit for putting those people in jail.

A runaway Army blimp caused power outages for tens of thousands of people yesterday

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