Daily Digest – October 14. Connecticut Town Shares Agency Bids; Money Matters More Than Justice To Private Corrections Company

Some quick links to start your Wednesday. Consumer confidence continues to rise … Nordstrom is planning to hire 12,000 workers for the holiday season … I didn’t watch a second of it, but this report said Hilary Clinton dominated last night’s Democratic presidential candidate debate … This article says Bernie Sanders won, at least on Twitter … GM is working hard on self-driving cars … JPMorgan kicked off banks’ earning season with a big miss … A photo of Billy the Kid playing croquet sells for $5 million …  How video games are helping symphony orchestras … 4,000 Starbucks workers are going to college for free … How to know when its time to delegate … 10 training tips from a trainer of NFL players … Women business owners are more upbeat than male business owners, according to Capital One.


  • A town in Connecticut is seeking bids from collection agencies to help collect on unpaid parking tickets. This article details the eight companies that submitted bids and the contingency fees they wold charge should they be awarded the contract. The fees range from 15% to 30% of the collected amounts.
  • A scam in Vermont where individuals are targeting consumers who have recently filed for bankruptcy, spoofing the caller ID number to make it look like the call is coming from an attorney, and asking for immediate payment for a debt that is outside of the bankruptcy process.
  • An interesting read on a TCPA lawsuit where the defendants, a contractor for the the U.S. Navy in this case, is offering full relief to the plaintiff, meaning everything the plaintiff is asking for, but the plaintiff keeps suing anyway. The Supreme Court is going to hear the case today to decide whether the plaintiff can continue to litigate after the defendant has agreed to exactly everything that has been asked.
  • A lawsuit has been filed against a private corrections company in Tennessee for allegedly making all decisions related to probation with the goal of maximizing the amount of money collected “rather than doing justice.”

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