Daily Digest – October 5. Bankruptcy Experts Discuss Claims; Consumer Attorney, Law Professor Talk About Going Up Against Debt Buyers

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  • The National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges met last week in Miami and one of the topics was debt buying. Specifically, the practice of filing stale claims when a consumer files for Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection.
  • One consumer attorney shares his experiences of courtroom interactions with attorneys representing units of Encore Capital and Portfolio Recovery Associates following the settlement with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau last month. The attorney, based in Arizona, said that attorneys representing both companies had no idea of the consent order that had been entered into with the CFPB and had no knowledge of what the terms of the settlement included.
  • A law professor at Valparaiso University in Indiana shares her experiences running a legal clinic that has represented more than 100 consumers in lawsuits filed by debt buyers. The two major issues is that many defendants don’t show up when they are sued and that many debt buyers lack the proper paperwork to legally sue individuals, she said.
  • A pair of bills that would reform the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau advanced out of the House Financial Services Committee last month and are now headed to the floor of the House of Representatives for consideration.

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