Daily Digest – August 5. CUs Lash Out Against FCC; Consumer Writes Clever Reply To Collector Trying To Reach Deceased Father

Some quick links to start your Wednesday. The Securities and Exchange Commission is set to issue a rule that will require publicly traded companies to disclose the pay gap between CEOs and rank-and-file employees …  In a fight that is similar to the industry’s battle over the TCPA, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals will hear the net neutrality case against the FCC in December … The average American spends 70 hours a year on lawn care … Consumer spending remained flat in July, and has remained relatively unchanged in July for the past five years … Cell phone users in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Indiana had a bad day yesterday … For those using Windows 10 – here are the security settings you need to know about … Netflix is offering employees up to a year of paid maternity or paternity leave … The cities where cell phone service is the fastest and slowest.


  • Credit Unions have come out against the FCC’s changes to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. It’s the strongest statement so far from a group representing financial institutions.
  • An Irish woman, upset that a debt collector was trying to recoup a payment from her father, who died six years ago, took a picture of herself next to his gravesite and sent the collector back a letter saying to forward all future correspondence to his new address. In the cemetery.
  • An Arkansas TV station spoke with the Dean of a local business school to talk about how to spot fake debt collectors who are trying to scam consumers.
  • The mainstream media tackles the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s proposed rule regulating the payday lending industry, but from the consumer perspective. Not surprisingly, consumers think that payday lending should be further regulated and that the costs and fees should be lower.

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