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More Millennials Shunning Primary Care Doctors

The primary care physician may be going the way of the dodo. More and more millennials are choosing not to have a primary care physician, instead opting to use urgent care centers instead, which offer quicker service and better pricing transparency than a traditional doctor’s office, according to the results …

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Optima Healthcare Acquires Vantage Clinical Solutions

PALM CITY, Fla. and BEND, Ore.,  — Optima Healthcare Solutions, a leading provider of cloud-based solutions for post-acute care providers, today announced the acquisition of Vantage Clinical Solutions, Inc., a company that specializes in revenue cycle management (RCM) and digital marketing services for physical therapy practices. The transaction will allow Optima …

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Bad Debt Totals at Wisconsin Hospitals Climbing

A report from the Wisconsin Hospital Association revealed the amount of uncompensated healthcare, which includes unpaid debts, has risen 14% in the past two years and now stands at more than $1.1 billion. The amount of bad debt accounted for $583 million of that total, according to the report. The …

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Where Hospital RCM Operations Are Falling Short

A survey of nearly 180 different revenue cycle executives from hospitals highlights the “unprecedented market opportunities” that exist in RCM today, especially when it comes to managing a facility’s accounts receivables, according to a press release detailing the report. For example, one-third of the respondents said their facilities do not …

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Report Reveals How Healthcare Costs Have Outpaced Wages

The Kaiser Family Foundation has released its annual survey of employers and their healthcare coverage, including details about deductibles, premiums, and how much employees are contributing, The report reveals that the average deductible for an employee rose 5% in the past year, to $1,573. In the past decade, deductibles have …

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Why You Should Call an Uber Instead of An Ambulance

A researcher with Harvard Medical School is advocating that individuals, unless it is an extreme emergency, not call an ambulance, both as a means of saving money as well as ensuring that paramedics and emergency medical technicians are available for actual life-or-death situations. Instead, the researcher says, those individuals should …

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Companies Crying Wolf About Healthcare Costs

For all the talk of a healthcare crisis, the numbers make it appear as though it is more myth than fact, according to a published report. The amount that companies spend on healthcare for their employees has remained largely unchanged during the past eight years, hovering around 7.5% of total …

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Health Care Breaches Keep Growing

About one out of every six data breaches involving data covered by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) are at a “business associate” of a healthcare facility, which could include collection agencies, according to a report published by the Journal of the American Medical Association. Since 2010, more …

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How to Stop Surprise Medical Bills

There have been a number of reports published recently detailing the surprisingly large medical bills that individuals have received after receiving treatment at a hospital. There was the story of the emergency room doctor who was billed $30,000 for life-saving treatment after suffering an injury while surfing. There was the …

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