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Collect! Lite is Affordable, Easy to Use and Scalable

Comtech, a worldwide leader in collection software, releases Collect! Lite for smaller or startup companies. Designed to provide the basic functions of the larger editions of Collect! at an attractive entry-level price, the cloud-based Collect! Lite package, at $49 per month, can accommodate up to 4 users and manage up to 1,000 accounts. Collect! Lite Plus is a more robust version that can accommodate up to 6 users, manage up to 2,500 accounts and has an optional credit bureau reporting module.

Collect!’s established Entrepreneur, Professional and Corporate editions are used daily by hundreds of businesses and thousands of users globally to manage first and third party collections. Using this experience, Collect! identified the need for a well-priced basic starter option for use prior to scaling up to the feature-rich, flexible and customizable standard editions of Collect!  A new user can now choose Collect! Lite or immediately take advantage of Collect!’s full feature set with the Entrepreneur edition.

Collect! Lite, a cloud-based entry-level solution, includes orientation, tools for workflow management, online HELP documentation, help desk support plus optional batch importing, credit bureau reporting and logo inclusion. Collect! Lite users can move seamlessly to more robust versions of Collect! without the need for a data migration.

  • Collect! Lite $49 for up to 6 users and 1,000 accounts

Option: Lite Plus $99 for up to 6 users and up to 2,500 accounts

Collect! standard editions, in addition to  much richer feature sets than Lite, offer a wide range of modules (including a dashboard), integration with many other service providers and the flexibility to build a highly customized system to meet workflow requirements. All standard editions come in cloud and premise versions.

  • Collect! Entrepreneur for up to 10 users and up to 10,000 accounts
    Options: modules, integrations, customizations
  • Collect! Professional for unlimited users and up to 100,000 accounts
    Options: modules, integrations, significant customizations
  • Collect! Corporate with unlimited users and unlimited accounts
    Options: all modules included, integrations, extensive customizations

“Collect! Lite fills an important gap in the market”, says Fritz Schulze, founder of Comtech. “Lite provides an affordable entry level collection package with the basic features a start-up needs, including the ability to import bulk accounts and report to the credit bureaus. By the time new businesses get their basic workflows in place, they are excited to move to Entrepreneur and have the full functionality of Collect! at their fingertips. Fortunately, moving to a more powerful edition of Collect! is seamless”.

Information is available in the Comtech booth at the ACA International Conference in Nashville, July 23-25, the NARCA Conference in Nashville October 3-6, and the CAC Conference in Monterey October 8-9, or at www.collect.org

This announcement from Comtech is a significant step in the next generation of early user collection platforms. Comtech continually complements and extends the capacity of its current product feature set to provide competitive and cost effective solutions for both first and third party users.

All Collect! users are invited to attend Collect!’s 2018 User Conference at the Hampton Inn & Suites in downtown Nashville July 26-27, 2018 for two intense days of learning.

About Comtech:

Comtech is a privately held company based in Victoria, BC, Canada and currently supports 520 installations globally. Founded in 1988, Comtech has provided cost-effective and modular solutions with over twenty years of collection experience and best practice solutions to the collection industry. Comtech offers its Collect! Collection Platform Product for both large and smaller users in both hosted and premise versions.


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