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Credit Unions Get Support From Congress in Fight For TCPA Exemption

A dozen members of Congress have stepped up to help credit unions in their fight to get an exemption from the Federal Communications Commission with respect to complying with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

The bipartisan support from members of the House of Representatives is meant to help clear up “uncertainty” surrounding the TCPA. Credit unions are seeking an exemption from complying with the TCPA because they claim to already have an existing business relationship with their members which should allow them to contact individuals on their cell phones. Credit unions also want the FCC to exempt any calls between credit unions and there members that are without charge to the individual being contacted.

Credit Union National Association, the trade group representing credit unions, filed the petition with the FCC in September. Comments are still being accepted on the proposal.

Rep. Steve Chabot [R-Ohio] led the Congressmen in drafting the letter. He wrote:

“otherwise, an increasing number of credit unions will continue to be impeded from sending important financial information to their members because of both the lack of clarity in how to comply and out of fear of excessively costly litigation, due to the uncertainty surrounding the TCPA.”

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