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Getting to Know Rick Perr of Fineman Krekstein & Harris


Unless you run into him in the clubhouse, it might be best to stay away from Rick Perr in the mornings. Of course, if you do run into him in the clubhouse, by all means be sure to compliment him on his attire. Perr has been defending collection agencies for nearly two decades, but has become much more prominent in the industry since being elected president of ACA International. Read on to learn more about Rick and why a book is likely not the best gift idea for him this holiday season.


Name: Rick Perr

Company: Fineman Krekstein & Harris, P.C.

Length of time at current company: 20 years

Length of time in industry: Approximately 17 years

How did you get your start in the industry?

Having recently joined Fineman Krekstein & Harris from another law firm, we were offered the opportunity to represent an agency in the ARM industry in defense of an FDCPA suit.  One lawsuit became two, and before we knew it, we were thoroughly immersed in the ARM industry.

What is your career highlight so far?

Being elected President of ACA International

When or how are you most productive?

I am definitely not most productive early in the morning (golf being the exception to that rule!)

Which industry professional do you admire most?

Tom Stockton and Frank Roa. Both of these gentlemen embody the American Dream.

What is one thing you do better than everyone else?

Dress for the golf course!

What do you like most about this industry?

The people. The ARM industry employs some of the best people in this country. Dedicated, smart, hard-working and caring. I’d love to start a business with the people I get to see and meet. It is no wonder that there are so many successful businesses.

What is one thing you wish you could change about this industry?

I wish more legislators and regulators would take the time to learn about the ARM industry instead of relying on half-baked stories and outlier scenarios. If they got to know the ARM industry like I know it, over-burdensome regulation would be severely decreased.

If you weren’t in this industry, what would you be doing?


Describe a typical work day

It is too boring to describe. Watch an episode of LA Law, Law and Order or Boston Legal and take out all the good stuff.

What is your guilty pleasure?

I love mindless TV. I never miss Bachelor in Paradise.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

From my Dad – your reputation is the only thing entirely within your control.

What are you currently reading?

Nothing. Ever since law school, I’ve stopped reading books. I am, however, watching countless hours of Netflix, Amazon and Hulu.

What is one fact you’d like everyone in the industry to know about you?

I am not afraid to change my mind if presented with good justifications for doing so.

Who else would you like to see answer these questions?

Juan Blanco, Jeff DiMatteo, and Irwin Bernstein

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